Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shop Talk

George's elder cousin Rowland had also served his apprenticeship with Uncle William in Llandudno.  In this incomplete letter the two young ‘ironmongers’ enjoy some shop talk.

34 St Mary St.

Ap. 8th 1878

My dear Cousin

I was very pleased to receive your note this morning.  I can assure you your letters are always very welcome, the only fault I find with them generally is the last word come too soon you justly accuse me of negligence but I think I can justify myself as I proceed.  It grieved me very much to hear about the disturbance in Chapel.  I hope things will soon better.  Wm Bowden told us once in Class that he had a bad temper but he had felt nothing of it for this last 30 years.  I fear it has mastered him again now about the books you ask for.  I am very sorry to say I left them at home.  I only brought some of my books here with me the rest I carefully packed in boxes at home.  I will however write home to mother and ask her to send it you.  I fear however she will be unable to find it if she does you may keep it until I ask for it.  Perhaps you would like the Dictionary as well if so please let me know.  I was very pleased to hear what you said about your father whenever you write me let me know how he is for you know better than they do at Horton.  I dare say you would like a little of Cardiff news.  I came here on the 9 of Feby. Just one day more would have been the anniversary of my 5 year at Llandudno.  Aunt Margaret lives 13 miles from here & seeing Mr Hernes advertisement I came to Cardiff to see him.  I was at Hingead a week before he gave me an answer.  I find Mr Herne is not as bad after all rather curious sometimes but withal a thorough business man of sound principles he will not have us talk too much to our customers he says it is not business like & they dont like it and I quite agree with him.  We have only one price except wholesale when we take 10% for cash that is an excellent rule it saves no end of trouble & confusion sometimes there are exceptions when the articles are damaged or old stock. When foreigners come in and he get a great many we always tell them before we commense ‘one price’ but they will try and beat down then the master comes and tells them to go about their business but they invariably buy for they too like it we sell all kinds of oil & paints etc but the assistants are not allowed to touch any Iron, wire felt flash oil & anything of that sort there are boys who have to attend to these things I dont think I can do better than…….

St Mary Street, Cardiff

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