Sunday, January 5, 2014

We can do sums and write in coppy

George’s two younger brothers write to him, showing their prowess at arithmetic.  

May 24th 1880

Dear brother 

Eddy and I have been very ill we are quite well now we have four cats, four cows, four horses, fifteen hens, sixty three chickens, forty six lambs, one hundread and four sheep, one dog, four ducks, twenty one geese and three pigs, seven cattle and th colt are gone to Muzzart.  I and georgey Went with them and we expect to sow Swedes in a couple of weeks.

mother and father send their love to you mother is going to write to you to night

rember me to gorge and hedley
 I remain
                    your affectionate

                              Robert Bevan

May 24th 1880

dear brother

robert and I have been very ill we have had measles and had to stay in bed three days we are quite well now and mother lets us go out again, we washed the sheep as on friday and if the weather is fine we expect to shear them on tuesday your strawberys are in blossom georgy took the trap to killay station to meet jane and morgan on friday tell georgy and hedley we can do sums and write in coppy give our love to them and them them we hope to see them in gow soon.

                    I remain your affectionate brother eddy

May 24th 1880

Dear George

I am glad to say the little boys are quite well again.  I had to keep them in Bed three days they were very tired the last day.  I have not sent them to school & this afternoon they have been writeing to you.  Eddy has sent you plenty of Ink.  Jane and her Husband went back to Swansea this morning they came down on a sad errand poor Mrs Bevan died so suddenly it is a great grief to them all.  I had had your drawers made but not the shirts the Dressmaker is gone from home for a week or so I will send them to you as soon as I can get them made we are glad that you are going to stay with your Uncle this year.  I hope you will get on well & may the Lord be with you in all your goings.  I have been up since 4 oclock & cannot write a long letter to night.  We expect to Shear the Sheep to morrow if it is fine the weather has been very cold for the last few days & rain is much needed.  Sill will write & Tell you all news & with our kindest love I remain Dear George your ever
                              afft. Mother.

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