Saturday, December 3, 2011

Disasterous disease

Among the carefully preserved letters is the following newspaper clipping saved from The Cambrian.  Now the full horror of events in the small villages of Port Eynon, Horton and Overton is revealed.

PORT-EYNON – It has been deemed necessary, under medical advice, to postpone the re-opening of Port-Eynon Elementary School, in consequence of the prevalence of typhoid fever, which has assumed a most serious aspect in the neighbourhood.  This deadly fever has visited the villages of Horton, Port-Eynon, and Overton.  Only one case, as yet, has appeared in the first mentioned village, which has proved fatal to Mr. Coe, clerk to Mr. Justice Lush.  One case only has appeared in Port-Eynon, but in the village of Overton the fever has laid its prostrating hand upon no less than 18 persons.  In the house of Mr. S. Bevan, seven persons are lying severely afflicted with this disastrous disease.  In Capt. J. Stevens’s house there are four suffering from the same malady. Last week there were five persons lying on beds of affliction in the same mentioned house; but on Wednesday night, the 19th inst, death rid Mrs Stevens of all her sufferings.  On Friday, the 21st inst, her mortal remains were escorted to the place of internment.  She was a woman highly beloved and respected by all who knew her.  Her death has caused a great breach in the family; she has left a husband and seven children to lament her loss. – Cor.

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