Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New hotel at Llandudno is good for trade

Silvanus was incapacitated for nine months following the typhoid outbreak in September - the illness appeared to have a debilitating effect upon him for much longer as is revealed in Ann’s letters.

Llandudno May 30th

Dear Mother

I was very glad to hear from Uncle this morning that father was much better and liked to be able to sit up soon.

I shall send the Box to day (Thursday) Passenger train so you will have it on Saturday if you ask William to call at Killay.

There is a teapot, & the 2 spoons a piece of canvass & 2 sacks which Uncle thought would come handy for you.

And my Jacket & waistcoat & trousers, the jacket is gone too small & is nearly worn out and I am afraid I shall want a new one, and the waistcoat is gone too small but I have plenty of them.  The trousers is gone rather small and worn a good deal but I think I can manage with it when it is cleaned & Repaired.

The teapot will be about 4/- and the spoons 3/- but I cannot say what he will charge you exactly.

Has grandfather had his bedstead all right yet uncle was asking me if I had heard anything about it the other day?

We are very busy here.  I have just been counting how many bedsteads we have sold this spring and I find we have sold 70 and about 60 more on order for this new Hotel so we shall have plenty to do for some time yet.

                             I remain
                                      Your aff: son
                                                George Bevan

an old picture postcard of the promenade at Llandudno

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