Friday, December 2, 2011

George is getting on very well indeed

After approximately ten months at school, George leaves to begin a five-year ironmongery apprenticeship at Llandudno with his uncle William - Silvanus’ brother.

May 13th 1876

Dear Brother & Sister

According to promise I write to say that George is getting on very well indeed.  I am quite pleased with him and his Aunt has quite taken to him we are only afraid that as he came just in our busy time that he will think it too hard work for him but I know he has not been brought up idle and indeed my experience has been that there is nothing like plenty of work when you set out in life it stamps ones character and then greater will be the pleasure if any time we can do without it.  You would be amused to see him go up to some of the Welsh customers to serve them and when he cannot understand what they say he looks up at them and says “dina cymraeg.”  I do not think on the whole we are quite so busy this year as last.  We are all well but my Sister in Law is very ill confined mostly to her bed there is no hope of ultimate recovery although she may linger for months.  I have heard of Mary’s trouble but do not mention it in any of your letters for I do not want Ellen to know until she is obliged to.

I am now going to beg you will see by the enclosed book what we are doing we now want at least £300 to build the School and as we are all very poor I hope you will give us a lift.  I enclose a stamp’d envelope to return the book and would suggest if you can get a £5 note enclose it in the book or if Sovereigns you can do the same and tie a piece of thin paper round the book before you put it in the envelope it cannot then come out.  With kind love to all and everyone in which Ellen Join.

                                      Yours etc W Bevan

Bay View Farmhouse, Overton pictured in 2007.  The house where George grew up has been much altered and extended.

A postcard view of Overton village dated 1910.  The farm can be seen in the top right hand corner.

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