Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too cold to cut the corn

July and just when George thought he was forgotten he receives letters from Jane and Elizzie.

Sunday Evening

My dear Brother

We are all most by ourselves to day.  Sill went into Swansea yesterday afternoon to go to Neath Fair with the cold and to day George Bevan and Robert is gone with Father & Mother to meet the 3 oclock train at Killay.  They are going to stay until Saturday at Mr Roberts they intended going yesterday but had not finished a bout the hay.  We have all in but one load it came on to rain or we should have finished. 

Mr. John Hughes of Newton was married yesterday to Miss Bevan of Pitton the youngest daughter of his Cousin. I suppose it was rather a grand turn out old Mrs Hughes has been living at Long Ash near the Mumbles for some time with David. They keep a pony and a cow they have a splendid house and garden like a gentlemans.  The school that is tomorrow at Porteynon they expect a large gathering.  The parents of most of the Children are invited Sill & Eliza so if all is well I shall be by myself to morrow night. 

I am a little better but far from well now.  Mother will write in a few days.  Eliza Bevan is going home on Saturday.  Aunt Harriet of Porteynon is not very well all besides enjoy good health hopying you enjoy the same

                   I am
                             Your aff. Sister

                                      Jane Bevan

Monday evening

Dear Brother

I suppose you think we have forgotten you.  I daresay we are not gifted with such long memories as you Llandudno people.  For you have been thinking of us very often this last month or so.  We have been very busy lately therefore you must excuse us.  

Hannah & Georgie were very disappointed last Wednesday.  The weather was stormy father was afraid to venture so far as Swansea so they all had to stay home.  Sil took the colt but missed to sell it horses were very cheap and he brought it home again.  He is going to Swansea tomorrow with the wool.  We have had new potatoes this long time we sent some to Swansea on Saturday but I dont know what they were sold for.

We have not begun to cut hay yet.  It is so cold that I dont know when the corn will be ripe.  We have no gooseberries now so I think you had better wait until the apples come before you send home your parcel.

We are all quite well and hoping you are the same

I remain
          Your affecte Sister
                   E. Bevan

P.S. I could not send the letter for want of a stamp.  There was none to be bought in Port Eynon.

Image - Kennixton Farmhouse for more information visit http://www.museumwales.ac.uk/en/stfagans/

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