Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sill is a 'free agent'

The Salthouse Silvanus mentions is a pair of cottages that once stood on the western end of Porteynon Bay.  Said to have been built on the site of a fortified mansion house and stone quay belong to the Lucas family, the original structure, built in the 17th century, was destroyed in the devastating Great Storm of 1703.  A pair of cottages was built on the ruin during the 18th century and, according to local guides, occupied until the mid 19th century, although Silvanus’ letter suggests occupation may have continued longer.

 Overton, Gower
June 29th

My dear Brother

I think I may venture to write with a reasonable amount of safety now the general outlook in political circles have assumed a more settled & promising prospect, both at home & abroad, which is proof of the ability of those men you ridicule & point the finger os corn (shame) our foreign relations on every hand has become settled & friendly, & that dangerous firery agitative spirit formerly so promiently universal throughout the cabinets of the known world has become a thing of the past for Britain who’s influence is so powerfully felt has placed the reins in the hands of men that has an unusual amount of common sense which they use in cool deliberation followed by firm actions, instigated by the conviction that we ask for nothing but what is right & will submit nothing that is wrong.  I have several things to say socially so I forgo polititics.  

I there comes your long list of questions, there are about half a dozen strawberries, there were about 3 qrs of gooseberries but the young apple trees are real Liberals.  There is no one a Salthouse, Mr. Madge has sold up.  Perhaps you will be satisfied to know I am a free agent.  I have no betrothal Anne Stevens is unmaried but Morgan Bevan (the ship) is home, & they are considered engaged.  Lizzie will tell you all about hers.  Francis fell in love with a girl in Swansea, who hapened to be coming down to Gower for a fortnight so he returned & all his schemes of adventure fell through.

I sent the programme of what we were treated with in school.  We the Oddfellows are going to have a dinner & march with a band & grand display of bunting.  I am one of five on a commitee to make all arrangements. I must go at once to Porteynon, write by return then you shall hear all particulars. B.

Photographs of Salt House ruins taken in 2008

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Arabella - a capital name for an Ironmongers' wife

22 George Street
June 9th 1880

Dear Brother

I was very glad to see you punctuality to orders but I denie your charge on the noun patience which of course if you were passing it you would put it in the feminine gender because you never see it in a man so much do you say about young men and women that I should think you know something about them.  Please state who she is what she is what is her name.  Arabella I should think because that would be a capital name for an Iron-mongers wife or rather a gentlemans well I suppose so much for that subject.  We are 11 young ladies besides Miss Emery she is an old maid so you might know what she is like other old maids would be It is two long years or more before I shall be free of any apprenticeship.  I am very glad to hear that you will have a chance of shaking hand with our friend and brother the Prince if you do so be sure and remind him that you have a sister at Miss Emery Bedford house Walters Road Swansea in the County of Glamorgan South Wales and would be very much obliged if he would give her half of that days income.  Today we never expected anything but a cabbage and a can of milk.  I was greatly surprised on opening thee cupboard door to see [see] 3 large gooseberry cakes we only get a letter from home once a week and that is on Saturday morning written on Friday night saying that they are quite well hoping we are the same they are very busy wants pack up and be off to bed.

(incomplete letter from Hannah)