Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Christmas

And after Christmas sister Elizabeth writes to her brother to tell him how it all went.

Dec. 31st/78

Dear Brother

We enjoyed our Christmas very much Although it was snowing all the morning and very cold.  We were all so sorry that you could not come home.  We were down to Aunt Harriets to tea yesterday evening and Jane and Sill are gone down to Uncle George Gibbs to tea this evening.

I am afraid you will be too late for the tea meeting it is to take place to morrow evening.  There has been a sad accident it happened a few days ago.  Uncle George’s Brother Captain Joseph was knocked of the vessel and drowned the crew didnt know he was gone till they missed him.  We are going to sent Uncles box next week so you may expect a bit of Christmas pudding and a few apples.

                   I must now conclude
                             And Wishing you a happy
                                      new year I remain
                                                Your affectionate sister

First Edition Frontispiece and Title Page of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol published 1843

George Gibbs was the son of Harriet nee George, (Ann’s mother Jane’s sister) and Samuel Gibbs.  After working in London under the guidance of his uncle Robert, George returned to Gower and married Ann Hughes of Newton in Llanddewi.  George was employed for many years as Lloyd’s Agent (the shipping firm) in Gower and farmed 59 acres at The Rectory, Porteynon.

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