Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frank looks for a situation

George’s eldest sister Jane is always a good source of local news and gossip. 

Friday Night

My dear Brother

Here we are three in bed.  Sill is out of pain but still helpless.  Hannah has not been up since Monday but she is better.  Ellen came home from school crying in pain in her head and knees she is a little better now.  Mother and Frank is goine to town tomorrow to look for a situation.  Mr. Jenkins in Castle Square would take him in March Mr. B. Williams in Temple St. would take him so they are going in tomorrow to see which place will suit him best.  Aunt Jane was here yesterday.  She said that Rowland had the offer of Manager in a shop he did not know the man to speak to he had heard of Rowland and wanted a steady young man he is not going [to] leave his present employ as Aunt Jane is proud of her boy.  Uncle promised me to some hampers and packing cloth please remind him of it and buy them will you.

Mr Benson of Fairy Hill was out shooting yesterday and fell down and broke his neck was carried home dead.  When are you coming home you must try and come on a Wednesday or Saturday.  Do not forget the little thing I sent for some time a go.  Come whenever you like hoping to see you soon. I remain Your affec. Sister


 Seventy-year-old Mr. Starling Benson JP was out shooting with his gamekeeper when he fell into a quarry. 

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