Sunday, February 9, 2014

Arabella - a capital name for an Ironmongers' wife

22 George Street
June 9th 1880

Dear Brother

I was very glad to see you punctuality to orders but I denie your charge on the noun patience which of course if you were passing it you would put it in the feminine gender because you never see it in a man so much do you say about young men and women that I should think you know something about them.  Please state who she is what she is what is her name.  Arabella I should think because that would be a capital name for an Iron-mongers wife or rather a gentlemans well I suppose so much for that subject.  We are 11 young ladies besides Miss Emery she is an old maid so you might know what she is like other old maids would be It is two long years or more before I shall be free of any apprenticeship.  I am very glad to hear that you will have a chance of shaking hand with our friend and brother the Prince if you do so be sure and remind him that you have a sister at Miss Emery Bedford house Walters Road Swansea in the County of Glamorgan South Wales and would be very much obliged if he would give her half of that days income.  Today we never expected anything but a cabbage and a can of milk.  I was greatly surprised on opening thee cupboard door to see [see] 3 large gooseberry cakes we only get a letter from home once a week and that is on Saturday morning written on Friday night saying that they are quite well hoping we are the same they are very busy wants pack up and be off to bed.

(incomplete letter from Hannah)

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