Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do not let anyone see this letter

An awkward little letter written by Morgan in response to George’s message of condolence.

22 George St.
June 3rd 1880

Dr George
I received your letter this morning & was indeed pleased to hear from you.  I have been expecting a letter from you for a long time & at the same time was thinking of writing to you but could never make up my mind to do so you know what sort of man I am of a timid disposition still there is some acts of bravery about me one for, instance, Getting Married & that seems so far to answer pretty well indeed so that I ought to be incouraged & not feel so timid.

Well George it is all very well talking foolishly still I do not believe in going half way to meet troubles it is true enough when it comes.  You spoke about my sad loss yes a great loss when mother goes it almost speaks to me in words look out for yourself home appear broken up there appear no ruling shepherd to keep us all together because it always was Mother Mother  no one to say Morgan be careful over this or that no the voice is not to be again.  She hath done what she could for every one of us & her end was peace I hope everlasting.  

You refered to buisness in your letter. I do not know what to do but I think I shall make an attempt when I can get a suitable shop & in a propper position but I may have to wait for a long time.  If I cannot get a good situation I had better stay where I am I have no dout but I should do very well because as you know I am a respectable young man have a respectable wife & we are respectable connected infact we are respectable alltogether.  Buisness keeps very quiet there is no stir here whatever.  If it would revive a little it would give a man a little encouragement. 

I scarcly know what I have put on this letter in the first place.  I have been cutting the grass in the front of the house & triming the hedge that my hand is shaking very much & Jane have been talking all the time so you can take it as it is & will promise to do better next time. Jane is first rate now since she come to Swansea & Hannah is very well. 

Do not let anyone see this letter.

From yr aff.
                                                  Bro. & Sisters
                                                        J.H. & M. Bevan

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