Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Bevan family on holiday

June 6th

Dear brother

It is so long since we have had any news from you that we are thinking perhaps you have lost the address.

We have been very busy lately or I should have written before.  You are the only absent one at present as Morgan, Jane, Hannah and Frank came down yesterday morning to spend their holiday at home.  We were wishing that you could be with us too.

Morgan and Sill have borrowed Mr. beynons trap and are gone to Landymore for a drive while Father Mother Jane Hannah and Frank are gone in our own trap to green anniversary the Rev. Mr. Biscombe is expected to preach there and as the day is pretty fine they expect a good company.

Mr. Melland Threatened to summons Frank Gibbs for throwing stones and annoying a certain William Phillps nick-named Mr. Talbot. I dare say you know him.  That Frank started of to Swansea and tried to Join the Military but they would not take him.  And he got a berth to go to sea but his father would not send him any clothes and he came home looking very shamefaced repenting of his run.

We have the promise of a good many apples on the trees this year but no gooseberry’s at all.

Have you had new potatoes we have had some to day out of our own garden.

I am glad to tell you that we are all well hoping you are the same with love from all

                    I remain
                              Your Affecte Sister
                                        E. Bevan
                                        Write soon

I hope you are enjoying your holiday today.

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