Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bevan & Co.

June 9th 1880

Dear Brother

You seem to be in a great hurry for good advice which is certainly a very good sign & I hope you will profit much by it when you get it.  But having many things to write unto thee I would not on paper and ink but I trust shortly to see thee, and speak to thee, face to face, that our joy may be full.  Miss Nicholas has been here and has taken the order for your things so you may expect them soon for anything under [under]  taken by Liberals is soon accomplished, whether its Turkish reforms, shirt making or the demolishing of gooseberry cakes or any other difficult (for the last mentioned you Conservatives deserve some credit).

The present protraction (which you term Liberal selfishness) has originated from following too much the devises of the Tories, and thereby, exhausted our finances, so we are bound to retrench, & home requirements are delayed as well as those abroad.

On Saturday morning last as Dutch Galley Yatch the same rig as a Dandy was abandon off our coast in a sinking condition the crew came in to the quay and got on board the lass & on hearing their report Capt. Tom and Will Chalk, & Phil Hopkin went off, & withe the help of 2 men from another vessel brought her in to the Quay she has on board about 90 tons of knife bricks, the Salvagers claime £60 and the Insurance Company has ofered them £10 she is going to Swansea tomorrow in charge of the Salvagers.

We expect to finish sowing Swedes tomorrow.  It is getting very late so Good night

          I remain Your affection Bro.
                    Silvanus Bevan

In the 1880s Silvanus was a member of a family salvage firm about which he writes “Bevan & Co (comprising C & S Bevan, J. Steven Overton, J. Stephen Porteynon, J. Hughes.)

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