Thursday, April 4, 2013

George is to receive a salary of £20 a year

George discusses his future plans in an incomplete letter to Sill

May 10th
Saturday night

Dear Brother

I am writing away we have only just closed shop and it is now nearly ten oclock and I must go and get my supper or I shall not have any.  I shall not post this letter until Monday as I have no stamps and shall not be able to get any until then.

Your letter duly arived and I expected with it a long eloquent exposition on the portion of Scripture referred to.  But behold my dissapointment when I opened it and found nil.  But happly for me the teachers were changed and our usual classes were all joined and formed a singing meeting to prepare hymns for our anniversary so my paper was not read and I was not sorry for it was but a poor affair.  My Teacher has it or I would send it you.

I should advise you to begin it in your class, let several of you bring a paper and you will see in what points you differ and thus promote a healthy discussion amongst the scholars, which will enlarge their mental capabilities create a more intimate knowledge of the scriptures and the truths that is by them contained.  I am glad to hear your young horse is free from vices and hope he is swift in speed and sound in limb for when I come home he will have to swift whether he is sound or not.

I have come to arrangements with Uncle I shall have £20 for the first year and my washing & mending.  I did expect £25, but he says 20 was what he got at first and I suppose he measures my value by his own.  He said he would be very glad for me to stop and advised me to do so because I was rather small and boyish to try to get another situation.  I do not think I shall stay another year without he promises to do as he said when I came her first for I can learn no more here and shall try to get larger experience elsewhere.

Ofcourse this decision of mine will be greatly influenced by the advice I get from home and the circumstances which may transpire during the year.  But I cannot see that I shall be justified in staying here in comparitive ignorance (even for good wages) when I could improve myself and learn more thoroughly elsewhere.  Though as I told them I had spent 4 years of my life very happley on the whole with them and never expect to spend 4 such happy ones again, even that should not detain me for gathering experience and improving my talents with due care.  Except he opens a Branch establishment in some neighbouring place and sets me there, as he used to talk about and brighten my day dreams with the thought.  Of course for that I shall be quite fit for it will be precisely the same class of trade as we have here.  I do not wish any one to know of this only Father & Mother for I would that Uncle & Aunt should hear about it yet.


Views inside a traditional ironmongers shop courtesy of The Bygones Victorian Museum and J.B. Banks & Son Ltd.

The Bygones Victorian Museum, St Marychurch, Torquay

 J.B. Banks & Son Ltd., 13-14 Market Place, Cockermouth.

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