Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Curly Black Lamb

June 2nd 1880

Dear Brother

We are very busy and have to work very hard.  Mother forgot to put Roberts letter with hers she thought that his and Eddy’s were folded in one another so you must not be surprised at the day of the Month on his letter.  Since he wrote it there has been an addition to the horses. Lester has got a colt and we expect one from Bright soon.  There is a prospect of a good crop of straw-berries this year by Harriet being so careful over them.  Robert and Eddy laughs about Hedley being a tinker and Eddy thinks about being an ironmonger.  We have had a letter from Hannah telling us something that you wrote to her.  Sill is going to write soon but mind you must send me a letter before you send him one.  It have been very wet here and we have to put on our long cloaks in the summer.  We are all very well except Robert who has had the headache.  We are just going to do our home-work so I must make haste.  We have begun to sow Swedes and expect to finish soon.

It is getting dark so I must conclude

Father & Mother and all the rest joins me In kind love to you all

                    I remain your
                    Aff. Sister Ellen M. Bevan

P.S. Georgie we have brought a black curly lamb Saturday last

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