Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The clock has warned for eleven

Some of the most evocative letters are those written by Anne.  Imagine her sitting at the kitchen table, writing by lamplight, probably the only one still up so late at night.  She recalls those in the village she knows to be ill and warns her son, recovering from scarlet fever, to take good care of himself.  A mention of the movements of other members of the family and then a glance at the clock, with an early start the next morning she sends her love and prayers to the son she sees so seldom.

Febry 26 1880

Dear George

We have not heard from Llandudno this week & I have got anxious about you but I hope no news is good news & that you are all nearly well again you must take care of yourself & not take cold it is very dangerous after Fever there has been some case of Scarlet Fever at Burry & Mr Thomas’es son of Lake is ill with it.  I hope we shall escape it this time we have had bad colds.  I have made Sill some Gruel & given him a cough mixture to night Elizzie is not very well your Father is very well & very busy he has been out at some Job or another every day during the week. 

I heard from Jane she wants to know how you are we shall be glad to hear from you we are thinking to go to Swansea on Saturday & Jane is coming home for a few days.  Frank is quite well we are very busy when the weather is fine & food is very short for the Sheep.  Father says we shall have hard work to keep them alive until the Spring as the Sweeds are nearly done.  I have no news to tell you.  

Poor old John Bevan is very Poorly keeping his Bed the other neebours are pretty well the clock has warned for eleven & we are going to kill two Pigs tomorrow morning for the Butcher so I must conclud with kind love to you & all & may God bless & keep you from all evil

from your affectionate
Mother A. Bevan

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