Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jane gets all the letters now

Castle Square
Feb. 26th 1880

My Dear Brother

 I was very sorry to hear that you were down in the scarlet fever and hope that you are well and strong again and all the others.  I have been to Jane’s this evening and she told me to say that she had been in Swansea a month and you had not written to her yet.  We have been very busy in the shop this week taking down stock we have been in until 12pm every night and I have got very tired at it and am very Glad its over.  When will you be out of your apprentice and will you come home before you begin to work as an assistant.  I wrote to you about 3 weeks ago but I suppose you were too Ill to answer my letter.  I have not Heard from Home for the Last fortnight.  Jane gets all the letters now and I have to go out there to get all the news.  I have no more news now.

                              From your
                                        F. Bevan

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