Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From Edmund and Robert

February 18th 1880

Dear Brother

I am very sorry that you Were very ill but We hope you Will Be well by this time.  We Got five young chicken and We got a young calf.  We have a fine young horse For you to Ride when you Come home it is very Quiet and george can ride him to Moors.  We Are going to put a Wire Fence Round the Feilds on the burrows.  I Remain your Brother

Robert Bevan

Feb 18th 1880
My dear Brother

We have sold our fat cattle. Frank is going to give a penny to the one that sees the first lamb first but we have not one yet one of the geese has laid one egg.  We have twenty fat sheep to sell.  It is very wet here now and we have not finished sowing wheat.  Mother have a bad cold we others are all quite well and I hope you are well too.

          I remain your
          loving Brother

Edmund was approximately seven years old when he wrote this letter – note – no spelling mistakes

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