Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winter tasks


My dear Brother

We are very busy just now the thrashing Machine is in Overton so there will be a little more Life than normall but it is very cold on the men working it.  Tell Uncle the Machine he sent me is working very well.  I have done a lot of work with it.  Sill is well getting on with his short hand. 

I will write in a few days and tell you a little news.  I have another letter to write of great importance and it is getting late.  We are all quite well

Good night

                    I remain your
                    Aff. Sister Jane Bevan

have you forgotten Ellen’s pin holder

 The family prepare for Christmas and yet again it is disappointing news.  Uncle cannot spare George to return home for the second year in succession.

December 15th/79 
Dear Brother

 I am glad to hear you are getting on so well in your large shop and I hope you will soon be an independent tradesman.  Times are very dull here so perhaps you will be able to send us a few Cheques now and then.

 I suppose you are not coming home to spend the Christmas.  So I may wish a Merry Christmas and happy new Year when it comes.

We are going to have some grand times here there are going to be several weddings among which are Mr William Ball and Miss Mary Shepherd.  There is going to be a Christmas tree at Horton and Magic lantern entertainment and refreshments in the evening.  So you see you will miss it all by not coming home at Christmas.

We are to have the usual tea meeting at Port Eynon at New Years day.

The machine works very very well Jane has done a great deal of sewing with it since it came.

It is very fine calm wheather here now all our horses have been very bad but they are getting better now.  We have thrashed out all the barley & wheat with the steam thrashing machine.

I have not time to write more so I must conclude

          with love from all

          I remain
                    Your Affect: Sister
                              E. Bevan

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