Sunday, June 24, 2012

There is no news good night

Nov 4th Monday

My dear Brother

I am going to by a knife for Eddy he is very wishfull to have one and I promised him yesterday to write today he has been asking ever so many times to day if I am going to see George and bring him a knife. Robert took his to the smith to have a hole put in the handle and he split the handle.  

Mr. George has opened a night school and Sill has joined.  James Bevan is Captain of a Barque called the Mouener and sailed today for Cape de Verd, George Stevens is going with him.  They are in trouble about Capt. Jones of Horton and Capt. Frank Gibbs of Port eynon.  They have been 2 weeks longer than some vessels sailing from the same place.  

We are all quite well.  Father is just as usuall.  Father wished me to say that we received a letter from Uncle to day.  We have been rather bussy to day do not forget to send the knife.  There is no news good night

from Your aff.
Sister Jane Bevan

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