Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paraffin 10d per gall


Oct 30 1879

My dear Cousin

In answer to your last note I have to say that Mr Thomas does not intend having a new hand as the one he thought of having (a relative of his) remains on, I should have written at once but he has only lately decided, if there is any opening in the neighbourhood I shall certainly let him know.  I think Messrs Cross Brothers St. Mary St are in want of one or two hands, some of theirs have been dismissed lately I know, perhaps your friend had better write there.

I am sorry dear cousin that I have been negligent as regards corresponding with you, however we are now in more comfortable apartments and have better facilities for writing etc.

I am getting along very nicely our shop is much improved and enlarged since I came here, it is not one of the first class shops but we do an immense trade.  You may imagine when there are sometimes more than 500 customers served in one day we are now 11 counter hands and have an apprentice coming on next Monday, we cut things very fine down here.  Paraffin 10d per gall, cut nails 1½ on everything which comes in there is a certain discount put on & we have to stick to our price, which saves us no end of barney, especially with foreigners & Irishmen they often go out without purchasing, but invariably come back again for the goods so we loose [nothing] in the end.

I like Cardiff, much better than Swansea and I am sure you would too, the only objection I have is to the long hours, I hear that next month we are to fined for all mistakes.

How I hope you will write me soon for I know nothing of Llandudno news, who of my old friends are still there what sort of a season have you had, have you had all your money in etc

From your affectionate Cousin
R.J. Bevan

Share your kind regards to Uncle Aunt Florence George Hedley Jeni Arthur Miss Perry, Miss Symonds the Franklands all the Jones family & all the rest

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