Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Mary Stenhouse

March 10

Dear George

We received your letter this morning & find you have got our complaint at Llandudno had colds, I have been giveing Treacle & water to Eddy, Robert & Ellen tonight.  Eddy is very fond of it I have had a very bad cold for nearly a week.  Sill is much Better but was not able to sow the wheat captain Stevens did it for us.  We are very busy prepareing for spring work as it will soon be time to sow oats & plant Potatoes.  Harriet has told you about your Grandfathers Bull breaking loose you will see an account of it in the Cambrian the womman was not much hurted.  Mrs. George Gibbs of Porteynon is gone to Liverpool today about the Salvage of the Mary Stenhouse if you see an account of the Trial in any newspaper send it for your Father to read there is great talk about it here.  I believe Mr Gibbs & the Pembrey Steam tug claims 450£ it is uncertain how much he will get the Trial comes off tomorrow Dear George I have no more paper to write more to night Harriet & your Father are playing Draughts & Frank is just come in from seeing the sheep we have 11 lambs we have not lost one 11 has come since yesterday morning.

                             With kind love from your affect.

The Mary Stenhouse, a Liverpool ship carrying 350 tons of pig iron, ran aground at Rhossilli on the evening of Tuesday February 11, 1879.  The ship's boat was launched with nine members of the twenty strong crew on board, including the master's wife, Mrs Hedgecock, but it capsized before reaching the shore.  All ten people on board were drowned.  The remaining crew members were rescued safely.  Lloyds Agent, George Gibbs (Ann's cousin) sent the tug Hero to go to the aid of the Mary Stenhouse, which later the following day was towed to Swansea.

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