Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frank leaves home

Ann and Silvanus farmed 140 acres, employing one man and one boy and  growing a variety of crops, corn, oats, barley and hay – turnips, Swedes and potatoes.  The children talk about George’s strawberries, the gooseberries and apples.  Their main income would seem to come from the sheep and their wool.  They also keep a few cows, some fowl and sell a horse once a year at Swansea market.

April 2d 1879 
Dear George

I have been up early this morning & have a little time to write you a few lines.  Frank has just left by the Buss to begin his apprenticeship at Mr. Jenkins your Father & I feel his leaving us very much he has been a great help to mind the sheep this winter & has been very careful & attentive to his flock.  We have 56 young Lambs & never lost one I believe we were never so fortunate before.  My Prayer is that all our children may live in [in] the fear off the Lord and do their duty truly & honestly in whatever situation they may be placed I am glad to say your Father is much better since the weather alter’d it is very fine here today & we are very busy.  We have planted the Potatoes & sown the Oates.  Sill is going to Slade Cross to Fetch a calf we are rearing Six this year.  

Dear George Elizzie is wanting me to come to breakfast so I must conclude George Stevens is home again all well some of the youngsters must write & tell you all the news 

with kind love & may God bless & keep you 
                                           from your ever affectionate Mother

                                            A.   Bevan.

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