Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frank decides on being a draper - or not

A letter from the younger sisters.


Dear Brother

I should have written before but we have been so busy cleaning that we have had no time.  We had the chimney swept this morning and tomorrow Aunt Harriet is coming up to help paper.

Father & Mother were down to Pitton yesterday after the seed.

We have finished sowing barley.

We had a letter from Uncle today he says that they have all bad colds.

We heard from Frank last week he complains of being very tired at night his month is up on Thursday so we shall see wether he decides on being a draper or not.

We are all quite well and hoping you are the same. I remain

                   Your Affect.
E. Bevan               Harriete waiting for the pen.

Old postcard view of Port Eynon from the cliffs

Aunt Harriet is another example of the intermarrying Gower families.  Born Harriet Jones Bevan she was the granddaughter of Harriet Gibbs formerly George, (Ann’s mother Jane’s sister).  Harriet married George Bevan, Silvanus’ seagoing younger brother, in Swansea in 1867.  They had three children, Silvanus George born 1868; Elizabeth Mary in 1870 and John Overton in 1872.  Their youngest son was born four months before his father’s death on  December 16.  Harriet and her sons live at The Rectory, Porteynon.

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Taken from Harriet George's notebooks 

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