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Sill's mouthtache causes concern

Overton Gower
Aug. 27th 79

Dear Brother

I am sorry there is not much news, these dull times, or else I should write oftener.  The weather has been very wet and stormy, yesterday, and today, and I do not think we shall have any corn to cut before about the week after next.  There is a good rising of straw about here but I am afraid it will be badly filled.  We have been burning a little lime at Crow tor kiln and Thomas Ace has been almost smothered carrying it away this stormy weather but we finished it today.

I was to Swansea on Monday with Capt. Stevens, brake and one of Mr Beynon’s and one of our horses meeting the new Minister and his family he has three children and two other grown up persons besides his wife come down, so I expect they are pretty tight in the house at Horton.  I have not heard him preach yet. W.P. Ellis is his name.

Saunders and Mr Shepard was up here to tea on Monday evening.  Rowland has been down for about ten days he went away with me on Monday.

I have had one of those Sniders Rifles, there is a great number of them in the country 6/6 each from Sheffield so when you come down don’t forget amunition John Tucker was complaining that Rowland was using all his amunition so bring plenty of your own.

Mother is going to write in a day or two but when you send the parcel please to send one of your little 10/6 clocks and if you was to make me a present of a good razor I should be very thankful as my mouthtache wants a little trimming rather badly.  Father, Hannah, Harriet, Ellen, Robert, Edmund, George and John Overton was to Swansea last Friday week and along with Frank had their portraits in a group.  I enclose one card.  Hannah is going to write to Florey and send her one in a few days.

Jane is not very well she has been ill for about a fortnight not able to come down stairs having dreadful pain in her head but she is much better now.

Hoping this will find you quite well and all my Cousins & Uncle & Aunt.

          I remain
                   Your affection: Brother
                             Silvanus Bevan

Unfortunately George’s copy of the photograph has not survived.

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