Monday, April 2, 2012

10 years penal servitude

Castle Square

Aug 14 1879

Dear brother
I am quite well and I hope you are the same.  And I hope you have not forgotten me here.  I wrote to you a little time ago and have not received an answer yet if my letter was lost I cannot blame you but if on the contrary you received it and have been paying to much attention to the young Ladies lately to answer it back I shall give you a good reprimanding and 10 years penal servitude.

I saw Rowland this morning and he share my views of the case he is coming home for his Holiday and is going down to Killay by train and is going to walk home.  I was home last Saturday week and I am going home in the harvest time for a weeks Holiday.

                   From Your Affectionate
                             Bro. F. Bevan

P.S. Please write to clear your self of those grave charges
                                                Good night

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