Friday, March 16, 2012

Sea Serpent spotted in Bristol Channel?

July 12th 1879

Dear Brother,

You seems to have a very bad season in Llandudno and no doubt you will have many black looks but take care you do not get a black pair of peepers, when you are round with your bills.

It is very bad times on the farmers everything is so low.  I brought home Brights two year old colt from Swansea fair only being bid 20£ when two year's ago we had 30£ for just the same sort of beast.

I was in with the wool last Wednesday to Mr. Rock.  Charles Bevan put one of their horses with Jolly in Capt Stevens brake and we took our wool together which realized for sheeps 10d per lb and lambs 8d much lower than it have been for a great many years.

We began to cut hay yesterday but it is raining hard now we have but very few fine days there are very good crops of hay but slight crops of corn and a very late harvest.  We began to thin a few white turnips to day some of the late farmers have scarcely finished sowing yet we have finished a good while.

Cousin Elizabeth and Edith, from Swansea are down for a visit for a fortnight at our house.

The young draper likes his business pretty well.  We are all quite well and I hope you are the same.

I conclude with kindest love

I remain
              Your affect. Bro.
                                 Silvanus Bevan

P.S. Remember me to Florey - Do you believe in the Sea Serpent seen in the Bristol Channel.

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