Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jane has a secret


Dear Brother

Father & Mother & Eliza is going to Mansell Fold.  Poor Aunt Betsey died very sudden on Wednesday morning.  She had not been very well for a bout a fortnight but able to do her work.  She did not feel well on Wednesday and did not get up.  Mary Jenkins took her up a cup of tea and helped her up in bed to drink it.  She fell back and died in a few minites and is buryed to day and Mrs Morgan Bevan of Pitton Late of Swansea late Mary Curtis of Parkland is buryed at Porteynon to day and Mr S Wilson of Nilstone is to be buryed to morrow.  Their eldest brother is in California they have telegraph for him to come home.  

I heard that he told the girls when he was ill last that if he died he was afraid they would be almost on the parish people have wounderd how he could live in such stite and carry on the business the girls are always off one or the other visiting about then they have company staying in the house.  I am afraid the poor girls will find a great loss.  

Aunt Harriet is not well she has pain in her legs she is scarsily able to move.  

When I write to you next if all is well I shall revele a secret do not say any thing a bout it.  I will tell you in time.  

Sam Gibbs and young John Grove of Porteynon went to sea on Saturday evening.  Good night

I am your aff Sister
          Jane Bevan

A Victorian view of St Cattwg, Port Eynon

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